Have You Heard The Good News About You?

You Have Secret Weapons You Could Be Using For Fast Healing & Success With Your Goals

Exciting new discoveries show how much impact your mind, thoughts, belief, perceptions, emotions have on EVERYTHING!  They create YOUR ENERGY, your vibration, and that is what impacts everything from health to finances, relationships, opportunities, championships, to peace of mind and contentment. Your energy is the building block for your life.  Working with your energy, which can include The Healing Codes, and using creative visualization are the most powerful things you can do to accomplish ANYTHING!  That’s a fact that’s been proven to me time and again personally.  New science now helps explain why that is.  I coach my clients in the process I use, which is why they get results and I get to hear great feedback from them.


WLMPkgOptinPic3If you’re anything like me, you want to know more about something that seems too good to be true before believing it. That’s why I love finding and sharing real (not bought and paid for like some), scientific studies that help explain why the method I teach gets results.

I coach my clients on using a process with simple steps that are the secrets to success with

  • reaching goals
  • creating desired changes
  • healing fast

They shouldn’t be secrets. 

Information this empowering can seem a bit far fetched and that is why I attempt to get more exposure for the scientific studies. Many of them require you to have an open mind and willingness to think outside the box.  They stretch your mind a little because we are taught something so different than what new science is showing.

We are taught to think that “what you see is what you get.”  That couldn’t be further from the way it really is according to new science and discoveries.

You really need to think in terms of energy, vibrations or resonance because that is the basis of every single thing that appears as physical.  And focusing on that level is where we create the changes that will then appear as a change in the physical world.

But when you learn how to use what has been discovered in recent years, it can make life seem magical.  You begin to live in a world of synchronicity when you take charge of your energy. Mentally focusing it for the purpose you have in mind truly does bring results that seem magical when you do it correctly.

This is not hype.  It is accepting what new science shows you about the power of your thoughts and energy.

Most people have carried their outdated 20th century beliefs into the 21st century.OpenMindDP200

There was a day when everyone knew the earth was flat, they knew this planet was at the center of the celestial heavens and they laughed at the idea that bacteria was killing newborns.  There was a day when doctors refused to wash their hands between deliveries because it was so absurd.

Today, new technology sees things that paint a picture that is very different than what we were taught to believe.  It seems as crazy to some people today as the idea of bacteria taking lives seemed in the past.

Exciting  new scientific discoveries provide evidence that:

  • easy processes can be used that get your brain to support you, making success easier so you can quit fighting things with willpower
  • everything that appears to be physical can be reduced to waves of energy, including you, which explains why we get amazing results doing energy work
  • your beliefs and perceptions are major factors that influence health and your level of success with things important to you (like fast healing, excelling in sports, fearless performances)
  • the placebo effect is extremely powerful (at times even more effective than the “real thing”)
  • you emit an electromagnetic field that is generated by your heart and brain, which gives big clues to things hard to understand, like the “law of attraction”
  • your mind’s focus influences the waves that become physical matter (studies show that your intentions can change physical matter)
  • Light carries signals or information cell to cell and you emit Light from your body (again, the importance of things that can’t be seen that have major impact)
  • you intuitively know information before it happens (shocking evidence from scientific studies that show the body’s reaction before the event happens)
  • and so much more…

You are not a powerless victim that gets dealt a hand of cards you have to live with. In Mental Blockmany ways, you hold all the cards!

So How Does All This Make Your Life Better, More Fulfilling And Empowering?

 Because it means that…

  • you have a tremendous amount of personal power.
  • you can influence things going on in your world by focusing your energy in a new way to help yourself and your loved ones.
  • you can create a specific resonance that supports healing and success with other things you’d like to have in your life.
  • you can get answers to your questions by creating intentions, inner thoughts that bring ideas and solutions into your awareness so you can act on them.
  • you can work with your thoughts and feelings to create real, tangible changes to your world.
  • you have a lot of influence over things that affect your life.

We interact with an energy field that quantum physicists refer to as the Quantum Field among other names.  Scientific studies show it has “intelligence” by the way it is affected by observation and intentions created under certain circumstances.  That alone is earth shattering news!

This changes everything if your mind is open enough to realize it and change the way you look at things.

Over the years, I’ve had way too many experiences to deny that your thoughts, feelings Energy Healerand view of life impacts your life.  When you take charge of those 3 areas, what I refer to as the Triangle For Success, it is empowering and fruitful.

I coach my clients in the same process I have gotten results with throughout my life.  It works for anyone who applies it.

There’s no doubt that the same can happen for you.

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